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FASCISM IN AMERICA? This was a 1947 United States Defense Department film warning about fascists within our own country. Perhaps a bit dated, but it still rings true today. If you don't have the patience to read long articles, I instead ask you to view this short film (click video to the left). It's words may also sound strangely familar to you.

Daily Kos National political news.

Black Lives Matter - Facebook

  Political news with a liberal Democratic spin.  Features a unique search engine for political web sites.

The Nation

Monthly Review

Political Satire Web Ring
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How You Can Link to the Slime

Linking to the Slime is easy. First copy the animated graphic immediately above by passing your mouse pointer over it, right clicking, and then saving it to your hard disk.

Then place the following html code on your web page:

<!-- Begin Code - New York Slime Link --> <a href=""> <img src="nyslime-logo.gif" width=201 height=40 border="0"></a><br> <!-- End Code - New York Slime Link -->

Please e-mail me -- Michael Castellano -- once you place the link on your web page and give me its URL address. Please also let me know if you're interested in a reciprocal link with The Slime.

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