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Do you believe a health care reform bill must include a public insurance option to be effective?
Not sure.
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Do you agree with Obama's selection of Rev. Rick Warren to give a religious invocation at the inauguration?
Yes, it was a good choice.
No, Rev. Warren is anti-gay, anti-abortion, and anti-evolution.
No opinion or not sure.
What should Obama's top priority be in the first six months in office?
Begin withdrawing troops from Iraq.
Work with Congress to cut taxes for working and middle class Americans.
Work with Congress to pass an economic stimulus bill that creates/protects jobs.
Work with Congress to re-regulate the banking industry.
Work with Congress to cut back the military budget rather than cut social programs.
Push for a negotiated settlement in Afghanistan rather than a militarily imposed one.
All of the above.
Is the media fair and balanced in the way it's covering the two presidential campaigns?

No, the media favors John McCain.
No, the media favors Barack Obama.

Which party will you be voting for next November in the presidential election?
The Democratic Party
The Republican Party
The Green Party
The Libertarian Party
The Right to Life Party
The Conservative Party
The Socialist Party
The Communist Party
Not Voting
More Troops to Iraq Poll

Do you support sending more U.S. combat troops to Iraq?


U.S. Policy on Torture Poll

Do you believe in torturing individuals in secret prisons who are suspected of sponsoring terrorism against the United States?

Yes, they deserve whatever they get to make them talk.

No, such practices are immoral, Un-American, and ineffective.

President Bush's
Middle East Policy Poll

Which of the following best describes your opinion on President Bush's policy in the Middle East?

I totally agree with it. We need more of the same.
I'm more positive than negative about it.
I'm more negative than positive about it.
I totally disagree with it. We need a brand new approach.
Impeach President Bush Poll

If I. "Scooter" Libby's grand jury testimony that President Bush himself secretly authorized him to leak classified information to reporters is true, should the president be impeached?

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U.S. Ports Poll

Do you support having a United Arab Emirates company running U.S. port facilities?

Yes, I support free trade and trust the president that there is no security risk involved.
Yes, and I believe most of the opposition to the deal is based on racism.
No, only U.S. based companies should be running our port facilities.
No, but most of the opposition is racist in nature and for the wrong reasons.
Impeachment Poll

If true, should President Bush be impeached for illegally ordering the National Security Agency to spy on American citizens without obtaining a warrant?

No, I trust the president to do whatever is necessary to protect America from terrorism.
Yes, the president should be impeached for breaking the law and allowing the NSA to spy on American citizens.
Rising Oil Prices Poll

Who or what is most to blame for rising oil and natural gas prices?

Shortages due to hurricane damage.
Price gouging by oil and natural gas companies.
Price gouging by oil and natural gas companies and the war in Iraq.
Price gouging, the war in Iraq, and President Bush.
Bill Clinton and his sordid affair with Monica Lewinsky.
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Did Scooter Libby leak Valery Plame's covert CIA identity on orders from Vice President Cheney and with the knowledge of President Bush?

Not sure.
Replace Bush Presidental Poll

If you had the power to do so immediately, would you replace President Bush with someone else?

1 - No, I think the president is doing a great job.

2 - Yes, the president has failed the country in nearly every respect.
Iraq War vs Hurricane Katrina Opinion Poll

Have national guard troop deployments for the war in Iraq hampered rescue and relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina and cost lives?

Yes, without question lives are being lost because of this.

No, we can fight a major war in Iraq without compromising domestic security.

I'm really not sure, it's too early to tell.

Iraq War Presidential Opinion Poll

Which sums up your feelings most closely on the war in Iraq and Presdent Bush?
I believe President Bush when he says we are winning the war.
President Bush is lying to the American people, but we can't afford to pull out.
President Bush is lying to the American people, and the war is already lost.
President Bush is lying to the American people, and we should get out ASAP.
Pope Poll

Which most closely matches your feelings on the election of the new pope?
Don't care much one way or the other.
I'm hoping he'll carry on the same policies as Pope John Paul VI.
I'm concerned because he is very conservative and against change.
I'm concerned because he was once a member of the Hitler Youth.
US Catholics will be become even more alienated from the Church.
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Church and State Poll

Has the Republican Party crossed the Constitutionally mandated line of separation between church and state?
Not at all.
Definitely, I'm very alarmed about this trend.
Definitely, but it's good for the country.
Terri Schiavo Right to Die Poll

Do you approve of Congress's attempts to interceed in the Terri Schiavo case?

Yes. Disconnecting her feeding tube is murder.
Yes. I applaud the Congress for their efforts.
No. She was declared clinically brain dead ten years ago.
No. Congress should be ashamed of itself.
Rising Oil Prices Poll

Who or what is to blame for rising oil prices?

President Bush.
U.S. oil companies.
All of the above.
None of the above.



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