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Tasteless Pictures Hall of Fame - Part Two
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Tasteless Pictures - Part Three - NEW!

Credit: The Wizard of Whimsy

Credit: The Wizard of Whimsy

MRI shot of Bill Clinton's brain.

1996 Clinton/Gore Campign Poster seen
in the Castro District in San Francisco.

Gary Bauer waits patiently while aides try to remove his finger from an electrical outlet at a Southern Baptist revival meeting in Sumptner, SC.

This sign is unretouched -- we promise!!

Al Bundy of the crew of Air Force One struggles to carry a case of Dubya's Lone Star beer, rumored to be his favorite.

A best seller at this year's National Rifle Association Convention.

We know, we know. This isn't very fair to chimpanzies.

Bush parrots the oath of office as recited by Chief Justice Renquist.

Credit: The Wizard of Whimsy

In Fraud We Trust Penny.

Credit: GoreWon2000

Credits: Lazio Campaign (top)
Hillary Campaign (bottom)

Credit: The Wizard of Whimsy

Gay LBJ?

Credit: Johnson Library

Worst Makeup Job of the Year Award winner Katherine Harris at a recent Republican fundraiser.

Whooahhhh Kwame . . . when you jerk somebody around, you really mean it.

When they said Elvis was a swinger, they really weren't kidding.



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