Trump Supports Klan, Nazis

Charlottesville, a peaceful college suburb outside of Charlotte, N.C., was recently the target of hundreds of Klan and Nazi protestors, there allegedly to protest the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee, a Confederate General who lead a treasonous revolt by slavery permitting states bent on establishing their own independent slave state. The resulting Civil War cost 750,000 American lives and resulted in the defeat of the Confederacy and the freeing of all African Americans held as slaves. The Klan and Nazi groups, united by their common support and belief in white supremacy, included a Friday tortch light march onto campus grounds modeled after the terror marches of Hitler's Nazis in Germany. Students who objected were beaten and threatened with guns. The next days activities by the Klan and Nazis included the wearing of helmets, the carrying of shields and clubs, and the presence of members armed with assault rifles. The day climaxed when one of their supporters drove his car into a crowd of counter demonstrators, killing one woman whom they later referred to as a "Jewish bitch" and injuring 19 others.

Hitler used similar tactics, and he and his Nazi followers were staunch supporters of their own European brand of white supremacy (they called it ayrian supremacy. Hitler never had the support of the majority of Germans, but employed mass terror attacks and used his armed militia, called the brown shirts. to murder, beat, or imprison his opposition and establish his Reich, or dictatorship. While he never had a numerical majority, he did have significant working, middle, and upper class support. He eventually led Germany into a World War which cost the world 60 million lives. This is the man admired by the Klan and the U.S. Nazis of today.

Racist Obama Backlash
What is of much deeper concern is the response of President Trump, who for days could not bring himself to condemn the presence of Nazi and Klan demonstrators, and chose to instead equate the Nazis and Klan members who launched their terroristic activities to those who opposed them. Saying there were good and bad people on both sides. Our president's response to Charlottesville reveals his own white supremacist leanings. His presidency represents a backlash against the fact that we had a black president for 8 years. We still cannot escape the fact that everything in America passes through the filter of skin color. Many felt that Obama was a bad president primarily because he was black in appearance. Nevermind that his mother was a white woman from Kansas, his father had roots in Africa, and that was enough for many to reject him. Trump fed this racist anti-Obama sentiment with his five year "birther" movemenr that falsely claimed he was not a U.S. citizen, and not an American. We have never faced up fully to America's original sin of slavery. To have written those beautiful words in our Declaration of Independence (that "All Men are created equal") while we kept some men, women, and children as slaves and beat, totured, sold, and killed them with impunity.

While the Civil War led to the end of slavery, the slave states reestablished white supremacy and domination over blacks by using terror tactics, lynchings (4,000 recorded ones and maybe many times that which were not formally recorded), and segregation laws. Whenever blacks resisted they would be severely punished or killed. If they managed to succeed in business, whites would do all in their power to undermind them. The mass struggles of blacks against segregation went on for many years until it reached the massive Civil Rights struggles of the 1950's and 60's. But to this very day, major obstacles still exist as black Americans as a whole earn 2 - 3 times less and have many times less wealth in terms of property, savings, etc. Most still live in poor, destabilized communities refered to a ghettos, which exist in most U.S. cities.

"White supremacy and domination over blacks was reestablished through the use of terror tactics."

Why Whites Should Care
Both black and white Americans are still paying a huge cost in terms of the lack of equality between the two groups. It's easier to understand the ways blacks are suffering economically and politically. But there is a way in which whites perpetually pay for our country's failure to confront white supremacy and poverty. Working class and even lower middle class whites, as well as blacks fortunate enough to be earning a living wage, bear the brunt for paying the enormous costs of perpetual poverty for both blacks and whites. This is in the form of paying for three million prisioners in jail, their guards, armies of police, district attorneys, prosecutors, judges, the facilities which house them, and the revenues paid for public assistance. Together they add up to more than what is spent on education and about equal to what is spent on the military each year. And every politican in both parties is well aware of the direct connection between joblessness, poverty and street crime.

Failure to confront our country's history of white supremacy and the scapegoating of blacks and poor whites for the many problems in their communities has had numerous deadly and destructive consequences. The Klan and the Nazis are only two of the more obvious manifestations. Dig a little deeper and we see white supremacist tendencies in every institution of government, in the prison and court system, and throughout the corporate world and financial centers. Both top and bottom. From the president of the United States to the corner grocer who follows every black customer around his store.

Even the use of the terms, black and white race, help reinforce this division in society. There is really only one "pure" race, the human race. There are no longer different species of homo sapiens on the planet. There are only humans who have differing external appearances. We do have different nationalities, religions and origins. But we are all human beings. Color at one time in our history became a simple way to divide those of us who had to perform physical labor for a living from those of us that did not have to do manual labor. Those who owned the land from those who worked the land. It has evolved into the system of slavery based on color, capitalism and white supremacy we have today.

So why should whites care since they are better off than blacks on average and seem to benefit from white supremacy? Just take a look at events like that which occurred in Charlotteville. Continued support or indifference towards white supremacist groups and politicians will lead to pitched battles on a much larger scale. It also makes the fate of poor blacks a permanent fixture in America, leaving no hope of escape for those who grow up in our ghettos. It should be of little comfort if you are a poor unemployed white in a depressed area if the most neglected and destabilized areas are reserved for blacks.

"Our president has lit the match after Charlottesville that could lead to more nationwide racial conflict."

The Cruel Lessons from Elaine, Arkansas: Can it Happen Again?
One cannot talk about Charlottesville without mentioning what happened across the country and in Elaine, Arkansas, (click here or on the photo to watch the video) in 1919, and event like many similar ones during this period that has been scrubbed from our school's history books. By way of background, after slaves were "freed" after the Civil War, they were free with only the clothes on their backs. They owned no land or property, and if they were still someplace in the middle of the South, most were eventually forced to work for their former owners as "sharecroppers" on the old masters land. Whatever they produced was then sold by their former owners or some other white middleman, and the sharecropper was barely paid enough to survive on. Blacks were typically completely improverished from the process. This was still the case in 1919 in Elaine, AR., when a dispute broke out between some black sharecroppers who tried to organize a union to negotiate fair compensation for their labor with the white middlemen traders who controlled how much they would be paid for their yearly efforts. During a union meeting at a church, the church was attacked and fired upon. In the struggle that followed, one attacking white was killed. It was soon falsely spread throughout the country side that blacks had been planning to stage an insurrection and murder whites in their beds. Whites and white police mobilized armed groups and began arbitrarily murdering any black they found on sight. Casualty accounts vary, but it is widely believed that hundreds of blacks were killed. Similar episodes happened after World War 1 in over 350 cities in America.

Our president has lit the match after Charlottesville that could lead to more and more severe nationwide racial conflict. Blacks are still largely confined to ghetto like areas in most American cities. And are still the poorest and most neglected of American citizens. Trump lit another match when he singled out black football players for kneeling, rather than standing, for the National Anthem, claiming they were disrespecting our men in the military. Ignoring the simple fact that blacks also make up a disproportionally larger part of our military, and have so since the Vietnam War. And ignoring the simple explanation that players such as Collin Kaepernick offered as to why he took a knee silently during the National Anthem, which was to protest the historically poor treatment of black Americans and the recent spat of police shootings of young black men. It reminds me of what the government claimed about those that opposed the Vietnam War. That they were disrespecting our soldiers. They said this even as they drafted working class and poor young men to the tune of millions and sent them to fight and die in an immoral war.

White supporters of Mr. Trump are being played. And are being led towards impending disasters for our country. His fertilizer is our own prejuduces and misunderstandings, combined with his daily instant Twitter rants and lies. If you think Charlottesville can't happen in your city, think again. It likely has happened there in the past, and unless we work to improve the situation, it can happen again.   

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